Code of Conduct for Seminars/Trainings

During the duration of the seminar/training, you will be asked to follow the "Code of Conduct" for Kona University (The Empowerment Partnership). This Code is essential in order for us to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all those attending the seminar/training. Your Trainer or other Kona University Representative has the right to remove anyone, at any time, at his or her sole option, if he or she feels that the participant's actions are putting the success of the seminar/training in jeopardy. A participant may be removed for the following reasons, including, but not limited to:

Kona University (The Empowerment Partnership), in our sole discretion, will remove any participant from the seminar/training that is not willing to adhere to these and other applicable code of conduct guidelines. Any participant that must be removed from a seminar/training in progress for conduct issues will forfeit all fees paid to Kona University (The Empowerment Partnership), and will be solely responsible for his/her own lodging, food, and safety after they have been removed and shall not receive any refund of the fees paid.