Just got back into routine here in Nova Scotia and wanted to quickly share
how the simplest little NLP trick helped my daughters whole grade 7 class

My daughter was a little nervous as she was heading out the door to school
saying “There’s no way I’m going to remember everything for my Science test
today” – so I asked her if she wanted a quick technique to make it really
easy to access everything her brain had learned in the class without having
to think really hard”.
She said “Okay mom – (slight sarcastic tone ;))
So I showed her the Awareness technique of getting in the zone. Focus
forward, fingers move back to peripheral edge and be aware of them
wiggling. She did it and immediately shifted into it for a minute then ran
off to school.
She came home from school today and said the test went great and that she
had shared the technique with the entire class before the test (“Everyone
looked pretty funny looking at the teacher :p”) so they all have that tool
to access the zone now.

Cool! One tiny little moment of awesomeness today and that was in my
super-tired state of arriving home at 5am – can’t wait to start applying
all of it!

I view this weekend as a mind-blowing, life altering, eye-clearing, path
creating experience that has excited every cell in my being to experience
it all to the fullest.

Thank you and we’ll see you in July at Master Practitioner Training,