Aloha Dr. Matt,
First of all I want to thank you for you being you!!  Learning NLP, MER and Hypnosis with you has been an awe inspiring and transformative event.  Nicholas rocks as well!!!  I have worked with several personal growth trainers over the years and while I have been able to take bits and pieces from each and apply them to my world, I find that I resonate with you on a much higher level.  Some of the metaphors, I find myself saying “get out of my head will you.”  I am thankful.
I also believe in the universe presenting things when the student is ready.  You had never been to Boston, I haphazardly found the Practitioner training online.  I say haphazardly because I have no idea what I was attempting to do online that night.  It just happened.  I attended the training.  It was everything I needed and more.  Ho’oponopono just blew me away!!  I had heard of NLP prior and it was on my to do list for my coaching toolbox.  I was in the midst of starting my own business, learning everything I could.  I would make progress, then block after block.  I went stagnant.  I really thought I knew.  I really thought I had dealt with all the baggage.  Heck, all I did was just put my black bag in another black bag and throw some glitter on it to make it feel and look better.
I came up to you at practitioner training and asked you to reframe what I could be doing in the interim between deciding when and if to go to Master Prac and dealing with my gifts (obstacles).  Somehow, you knew exactly what I was asking (you and that darn sensory acuity LOL) even though I didn’t actually ask it.  You said 15 days out of 365…, then you said that you leave your kids alone and they are fine.  THAT was the moment my Hell No turned into a Hell YES!!  You didn’t know me from Adam and you blew out the boundary regarding my son.  OK, before this turns into the great novel of 2013.
Flash forward to Master Prac a couple weeks ago.  The best decision of my life in quite some time.  I allowed myself to realize, thanks to your guidance that I hide and that I keep my weight so that no one will see me.  Yeah, plus all the black clothing was a dead give away too!  Even though my passion is people and teaching and serving.  It was in my head.  Every SEE of the past 10 years was like the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I wouldn’t eat because food was evil.  I couldn’t save or help the people who died in my care.  Coming from an Italian family we celebrated everything with feast and festival.  I didn’t deserve to celebrate anything because I failed.  Besides, everyone judges the big person that eats.  Luckily, after these past 15 days I no longer feel this way at all.  I can talk about it and it is now just feedback.  I was able to release the emotions and limiting beliefs around those events.  Who knew it ran that deep within me.
I am thrilled to tell you that since starting my changes during Master Prac I am eating how I know I should be eating and have already reduced by my first 10 pounds.  I feel amazing and it’s REAL this time!!
Thank you for everything, especially allowing me that 3rd chance to break my board.  You doing that propelled my core forward in unfathomable ways!!  As I said before, you haven’t seen the last of me.  I will be at Trainers Training in July and from there we will bring NLP and The Empowerment Partnership to BOSTON in a big way.  Plus, I see a large variety of male presenters and I think another empowered woman presenter would be Stellar!!  That’s my big picture, now to work on the details!!  (My fun time)  See you soon!!
Hugs from the East Coast!!  Mahalo!!
-Maria Simard