Hi, Matt,

I saw your Master Prac pictures on FB and thought I would send you a few lines about how the MP training made a difference for me over the past year.  I am a high school assistant principal and was working in a 1955 good ole boys’ network situation.  After prac, I started to pay more attention to body language and physiology.  I hadn’t quite put everything together until I landed in MP.  I couldn’t quite yet identify the incongruencies that I was feeling.  The strategies that we perfected in Master Prac with regards to physiology and body language helped me to identify tonus patterns that indicated my boss’ mood and when he was approachable.  The decision-making strategies and eye movement patterns helped me determine that my boss was kinesthetic and not very audio-digital.  I started handing him a piece of paper every time I started talking with him.  It helped.  I also used the eye movement patterns to tell when people were lying, and started mirroring language patterns in emails and verbally.  It’s still hard for me to raise my voice at people.  It’s just not my style.  However, the most valuable part of MP for me, was the review of rapport and body language.  I could not figure out why my boss was so unsupportive of me with the school’s activities director.  One day, we were sitting in a meeting and it hit me.  The two of them were sitting next to each, leaning back in their chairs with their legs crossed and their hands behind their heads….exactly the same.  The activities director and him were “tight” on a level that I wasn’t able to see before this training.  I quickly started to see patterns with other male colleagues and identified the members of the good ole boys’ network.  I was astounded.

To make a long story short, my boss tried to eventually fire me.  I wasn’t playing nice with the boys’ club.  In the end, my boss was asked to resign and I still have my job.  Whereas I am good at what I do and a true professional, NLP gave me the tools to get out ahead of what was going on.  I credit my NLP training with providing me with the skills to save my job, especially the rapport and physiology sections.  I’ve even been able to forgive my boss and others based on the principle that we are all “working with our best resources”.  I am still actively looking for another job.

I am excited to continue my NLP education with you at Trainers’ Training later this month.  I had to fight with district a bit to be able to attend.    I think it is partly because there is a new principal and they want me around and partly, on some level, they are intimidated by the trainings.  They don’t understand what NLP is, so I’m using that to my advantage right now.

Thank you so much, Matt and Nicholas.  I wish this year’s crew a very happy, productive and successful Master Prac!


Julie Thompson