Hey Dr. Matt,

I just want to write and thank you for the incredible growth I experienced during your Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification Training. They were the best 5 days of growth I’ve ever had.

I’ve been obsessed with learning about what makes humans perform since I read Think and Grow Rich in my sophomore year of college. That year, I dropped out so I could learn more. Outside of masterminding with a few friends, my learning was almost all done independently. I’d certainly never shared 5 days in a tiny room with people of your and Dr. John’s caliber. I can hardly express how grateful I am that you made your service available to someone like me. It was like going over everything I learned and was passionate about, and adding something incredible at each spot, and then some. I feel like you taught me in 5 days what would have otherwise taken years.

Here are the two main improvements you helped happen:

1. Adjusting course to my purpose in life.

I learned a few years ago that I want to address the problems of the world directly and fully as a speaker. Ambitious but still scared, I dropped out of college and started a business with my Dad. Three years of struggle later, I found myself at your seminar, for the first time able to admit that I’d become attached to a business that wasn’t my passion. Being at your seminar made me realize what I wanted to do, and how badly I wanted to get started. After the seminar, I wavered on this decision, but the change was in motion. I’m now in the process of finding somebody else to run my business- and while I’m completely certain that the idea is going to make a lot of people rich, I’d rather let it go to it’s proper steward. I’m back on my heart’s path 🙂

2. Forgiving my mom, and my self

The most painful relationship of my life was with my mother. A couple days before the seminar, a thought pattern triggered by this left me emotionally crippled and on my floor. Yet I anticipated change coming- the NLP seminar coming up and the coincidences that got me there were encouraging. I decided to find a guided meditation on youtube, and came across something Hawaiian. It was the first time I’d heard of Huna. I don’t remember the order of things now, but that meditation, your teaching, and my other meditations over the course of the seminar were some of the most powerful spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. During one meditation, it seemed that an angel had literally entered my room- consuming my entire being, and completely melting all resistance. I’ve never experienced anything like it. What I do know, is that since your seminar, I have nothing but love for Mom.

I just wanted to write in the hopes of passing on some gratitude and encouragement. You’ve helped me tremendously, and I intend to pass it on. Thank you Dr. Matt.

– Dominic Kukla