Trainer's Training

The Trainer's Training - Using NLP to Become an Amazing Presenter

Trainer's Training and Evaluation

What does it take to be an Amazing Presenter?

A word from Dr. Matthew B.James... Master Presenters are created, not born. Join us in this brand new training that teaches you to be the best communicator on the planet, using the tools and techniques of NLP.

It is my intention to have as many people as possible learning this information because it's in everyone's best interest to share this information with the world. One of the ways I contribute to that goal is by creating trainings that help make great presenters-such as our Trainer's Training and Evaluation Program.

When you train with me, you'll find that I share what I have learned as openly and directly as possible. I'd like you to benefit from my experience, my mistakes, and my successes. I have trained some of those people that you may be familiar with, such as Chris Howard and James Ray. This training is the final piece that integrates all the NLP trainings into one.

I hope you join me.


Why study with us?

1. Trainers of the Highest Quality & Expertise
Choose your teachers wisely. For a training that is dedicated to teaching you how to present, the excellence of the training staff is of the utmost importance. Matthew B. James and our expert team of Trainers and Master Trainers are some of the world's leading NLP trainers and innovators. We provide you with only the best-the most qualified, skilled, knowledgeable, and personable trainers who are masters in Accelerated Human Change Technology. The bottom line is we are committed to excellence and we love to teach!

2. Record Of Success
We've been conducting NLP trainings since 1982 and Trainer's Trainings since 1985. According to Dunn and Bradstreet figures since 1992, we're one of the largest NLP training organizations in the world. While the fame of a trainer or organization doesn't ensure quality, it can be an important indicator of the value provided. After all, it is a following of people that creates popularity. Year after year, we receive a very high number of referrals and repeat customers. We consistently receive the highest ratings on our evaluations. We have achieved this by presenting excellent trainings and producing effective trainers and presenters-after all, that's what we're all about!

3. Walk The Talk
To teach something is not necessarily an indicator of having mastered it, yet the great teachers of the world "walk their talk." They live, breathe and exude the principles of their teachings. It is important for knowledge and behavior to be congruent. Amazingly, there are some very famous NLP trainers who don't demonstrate the basic skill of rapport on a regular basis! At The Empowerment Partnership we like to consistently lead and teach by example.

4. Ample Opportunity to Present & Receive Immediate Feedback
We have a very high ratio of staff to students in our courses. For this event, we will have 20 Certified Trainers who will support you to be the best you can be! Throughout the training, you will actually be presenting several times a day. You will not only be receiving immediate, quality feedback, you will have the opportunity to give feedback which reinforces your own learning. These are indicators of real value in a Trainer's Training.

5. Challenging For All Levels of Expertise
No matter how experienced you may already be, novice or expert, this training has a lot to offer. You will be amazed at how quickly you improve, and how quickly others do as well, even in just the first few days-not just the "gifted" presenters, but everyone! You will easily learn the exceptional techniques of NLP as applied to presentation skills, and be able to use them immediately. These areas include the use of physiology, energy, state control and elicitation, stage anchoring, group rapport, trance induction, nested loops, utilizing questions, pre-teaching, presentation design, and much, much more! You will definitely be stretched to your potential!

6. Presentation Methods
There are a variety of NLP trainers in the world. There are trainers who are delightful entertainers, fantastic storytellers, great hypnotists, and those who impart useful information and demonstrate great talent. We think it takes all of these skills plus a multi-media approach to present a great Trainer's Training, and this is where we place our emphasis. We have heard about Trainer's Trainings that are boring, intimidating, or less than satisfying. We know what it takes to be an excellent presenter. Our commitment is to provide you with only the best. Our training will entertain and inspire you, encourage and challenge you, and engage and support you!

7. Length Of Training
It's been our experience after having numerous successful Trainer's Trainings, that it takes more than six or seven days to have a thorough training from which you can leave with integrated skills and confidence that last. While there's no set required amount of time for an effective Trainer's Training, you need time to prepare and make presentations, and receive quality feedback. You also need time to experience great presenters in action, and time to master the variety of material covered. Even though we are very effective with accelerated formats, we think it takes longer to conduct a great Trainer's Training. With our training design, we offer the leading-edge of excellence. We've designed a powerful training to take you well beyond just basic presentation skills.

8. Training Versatility
It is good to know the range of experience and expertise of anyone with whom you study. The Empowerment Partnership presents some of the best NLP trainings in the world. We also present a variety of other valuable, advanced technologies that complement, supplement, and extend the benefits learned and achieved with NLP. We teach the breakthrough Empowering Your Life Seminar to the general public. We teach business people to reach new levels of effectiveness with innovative communication and sales skills. We teach Time Empowerment Techniques and hypnosis to the therapeutic community. We teach advanced learning and teaching strategies to educators. We even teach the ancient Hawaiian wisdom of Huna to people with more esoteric interests. All of these different trainings have one thing in common-our participants love them! You need versatile skills to present in different markets, and we prepare you well.

9. Full-Service Organization
It is very important to consider the organization behind the training. This is another strength of The Empowerment Partnership. We provide further opportunities to encourage your continued development and success:



1. Certification as an NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner is required.
2. All participants will be screened by the Empowerment Partnership prior to admission.


Who Benefits From This Training?

This training course teaches people how to present to groups, and how to function masterfully in group environments. The skills and behaviors you will learn are extremely beneficial and applicable in a wide variety of contexts. Anyone desiring to give presentations or speeches, work more effectively in team environments, handle meetings more efficiently, lead groups, or conduct professional trainings, seminars or workshops will find this training to be of tremendous value. This training will make the difference between being a good presenter... and being an Excellent Presenter!


Customized Topics

During the training, you will participate in a presentation that will focus on a specific NLP practitioner level topic. This will allow you the opportunity to more fully integrate the NLP information that you already know, while also mastering new material and skills. You will also do another presentation of your choice on any topic, as well as a demonstration. There is a formal evaluation where you will be given continual feedback about your presentations and demonstration. You will be utilizing what you learned in your NLP trainings and in this current training. There is no written test.


Learn to be Comfortable & Confident as a Presenter

This training gives you the knowledge and tools you need to be a polished presenter, and if you are like most people, you also want to be comfortable, confident, and resourceful. In many studies, the most common fear in America is the fear of public speaking-even more common than the fear of dying! It takes more than just a few lectures and a couple of times on stage to overcome such a prevalent fear. Our entire training is based upon gently guiding you, step by step, through a supportive, ecological, and enjoyable process! Learn and experience how to turn this fear and anxiety into excitement, energy, comfort, and confidence that contribute to your success!


Some of the Skills We Cover:


What are the benefits?

The benefits are many. The high level of mastery demonstrated and experienced over these fourteen days is incredible! Most participants report leaping to a whole new level of skill. It is an empowering, enjoyable experience and, if you're like most, you will leave more capable and confident as a presenter!


Please Note:

We have found over the years that some participants strongly desired to be certified to gain a sense of completion, even if they had no plans for training others. Since this is a personal decision, something important to consider is that certification provides formal endorsement of your level of expertise. Certification increases your career options now, and in the future. If you choose to become a Certified Trainer of NLP, you must complete Trainer's Training and Evaluation and also assist at a Master Practitioner training to fulfill this requirement