Integrative NLP
Practitioner Certification® Training

May 28 – 31, 2020

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May 28, 2020
8:00am – 8:30am


Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa

3050 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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8:30am – 8:00pm

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9:00am – 8:00pm

About This Event

Described as a user manual for your conscious and unconscious mind, neuro-linguistic programming is used by many successful people to bring about immediate and effective changes in life. Now, Dr. Matt of the Empowerment Partnership aims to equip the masses with these exceptional skills.

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Know Before You Go

At the Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training, you’ll receive hands-on training, demonstrations, tools and techniques, and an action plan to put into practice as a certified practitioner following the sessions. Best of all, sessions are backed by our 100%‑satisfaction guarantee. Speakers subject to change.

What You’ll Receive

At the Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training, you’ll receive hands-on training, demonstrations, tools and techniques, and an action plan to put into practice as a certified practitioner following the sessions. Best of all, sessions are backed by our 100%‑satisfaction guarantee. Speakers subject to change.
NLP Training Course Material ($895 value for free)
NLP Practitioner 45 MP3 Audio Collection ($375 value for free)*
A Journey on the Timeline MP3 Audio ($25 value for free)*
NLP Techniques Demo MP4 Videos ($30 value for free)*
30-Step Action Plan ($175 value for free)*
*Available 5 days after training

Your Trainers

Dr. Matt James

Master NLP Trainer; MA, Organizational Management; PhD, Integrative Health Psychology

Trainer(s) are subject to change.

Trainer's Bio

Dr. Matthew B. James, President of the Empowerment Partnership, embodies the principles he teaches. While devoting himself to the integrity of his spiritual path, Dr. Matt has built an international firm dedicated to personal transformation, authored several books, and trained thousands of students every year in mastery of the four bodies of empowerment with the support of his team of expert trainers. Throughout his work, Dr. Matt weaves effective modern technologies with the timeless wisdom of ancient spiritual paths.

Dr. Matt began meditating at the age of five, and through his childhood learned spiritual practices directly from such teachers as Baba Muktananda. He also studied Huna, the original science of consciousness of the Hawaiian Islands, from Uncle George Na’ope who was honored as one of Hawaii’s Golden Living Treasures. Dr. Matt received the gift of carrying on one of the ancient lineages of Huna, the Bray Family lineage, from Hawaiian elders.

Deanne Hernandez

Trainer of NLP; MA, Marriage and Family Therapy


Trainer's Bio

When you meet Deanne, you'll realize she's very easy to talk with and truly embodies coming from her heart. This embodiment is the true Aloha spirit that our company brings into each of our trainings.

Deanne received her Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, focusing on Narrative Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy, and completing her thesis on Mindfulness-Based Techniques.

Always being on a quest for the truth, and a greater understanding of self and who she is, Deanne often shares the story of receiving a postcard in the mail back in 2011. And after finding her way to a TEP event, her life would never be the same afterward.

Deanne quickly understood that The Empowerment Partnership techniques work. She began putting what she learned to use by losing 50 pounds and keeping it off.

After getting these results, she began helping others lose weight, release past trauma, and make more money in the process. Because, to her, the amount of money you make is directly related to how you take care of your physical body.

Recently, she helped an entrepreneur double her hourly rate and cut her working hours in half, the exact goal Deanne's client wanted to achieve. Deanne can help you tap into your light, realize your inner strength, and take advantage of every day you have on this planet.

Deanne believes that everyone deserves to be happy, which she believes is possible by helping you tap into your purpose. Her focus is on eliminating suffering, which enables you to step into the amazingness you have within, and in a way that gives you permission to share your purpose with the world. She enjoys helping others to rise above the illusion of their problems, so they can see what's truly possible. It brings her great joy to watch her clients succeed.

As a coach, certified trainer of NLP, and advanced Huna student, Deanne applies the teachings from The Empowerment Partnership every day to develop a better relationship with herself and others, always growing from the lessons in life.

She believes in TEP's mission to "Empower the Planet" and does so spiritually through Huna, mentally through her studies and NLP, emotionally through Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy and studying emotions, and physically through healthy eating and working out regularly.

As Deanne says and truly believes in her heart, "We have the most complete school of transformation on the planet." Come meet her at the next training!

Nicole Guiliani

Trainer of NLP


Trainer's Bio

Nicole is a small business owner of 15 years, with a passion for helping people. Her path to become a trainer of NLP began to unfold over the past several years.

After attending The Empowerment Partnership’s four-day intro event to NLP, Nicole’s life hasn’t been the same since. On this path, she released so many limiting beliefs about herself. Along with negative mental, emotional, and behavioral programming, that when these filters were cleared, it’s as if she could now See, Hear, and Feel possibilities that were once clouded before.

Now, as a Trainer of NLP, Nicole travels all over the country teaching people tools and techniques to release what’s limiting them so they can be truly Empowered.

Nicole is a mindset, energy, and emotion coach transforming lives one on one. Hearing students and her client’s stories of how these teachings has transformed their lives for the better is her WHY. “It is my purpose.”

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