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Quit Smoking 60® Business Training

September 4 – 8, 2024


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September 4, 2024
9:30am – 10:00am


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10:00am – 8:00pm

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About the Training

Quit Smoking 60® is a proven, flexible system to make a consistent income helping people improve their lives using the skills you have learned with Empowerment, Inc.

Put another way…it’s a business in a box.

This will be our last time running this event.



Know Before You Go

According to the largest scientific comparison of methods to break the smoking habit ever conducted, hypnosis is, by far, the most effective technique. The Quit Smoking 60® Business Training teaches you what you need to help people stop smoking, and provides a valuable, honest, life-changing service nearly 38 million people in the US need and want right now!

Prerequisites: Successful completion of both weeks of the Master Practitioner live training with Empowerment, Inc.; and hold a current certification as an NLP Master Practitioner with the Association of Integrative Psychology (AIP).

Sessions are backed by our 100%‑satisfaction guarantee. Speakers subject to change.

Why Smoking?

There is a HUGE demand
There are nearly 38 million smokers in the US.
80% admit they desperately want to quit.

Cigarette-related deaths easily beat out: Alcohol, Car Accidents, Fire, Suicide, Murder, Aids, and Drug Overdoses …COMBINED!

This system has been tested for years. We have been teaching and improving on this exact method for over 20 years and have literally helped thousands of people to become non-smokers.

You Will Learn:

One-third of the training covers quit-smoking techniques. The remaining two-thirds addresses business tools, strategies, and how to succeed at being a business owner. You will learn all the uniquely tailored best practices for how to get clients including marketing, sales, referrals, follow-up, and lead generation. Additionally, we’ll teach you the best business practices for accounting, client tracking, and having a web presence.

It’s Business 101 + how to quit smoking all-in-one.

We will show you how to use this TURNKEY SYSTEM to help any smoker quit for good.

Benefits of the Quit Smoking 60® Business Training:

No staff or expensive office space needed

Minimum start-up capital required
Operate from home and set your own hours
Complete ‘turn-key’ operation
Low risk
It’s legal, ethical, and honest
The profit can be (almost) unbelievably high!

Your Trainers

Dr. Matt James

Master NLP Trainer; MA, Organizational Management; PhD, Integrative Health Psychology

Trainer(s) are subject to change.

Trainer's Bio

Dr Matt James, Owner of Empowerment, Inc., embodies the principles he teaches. While devoting himself to the integrity of his spiritual path, Dr. Matt has built an international firm dedicated to personal transformation, authored several books, and trained thousands of students every year in mastery of the four bodies of empowerment with the support of his team of expert trainers. Throughout his work, Dr. Matt weaves effective modern technologies with the timeless wisdom of ancient spiritual paths.

Dr. Matt began meditating at the age of five, and through his childhood learned spiritual practices directly from such teachers as Baba Muktananda. He also studied Huna, the original science of consciousness of the Hawaiian Islands, from Uncle George Na’ope who was honored as one of Hawaii’s Golden Living Treasures. Dr. Matt received the gift of carrying on one of the ancient lineages of Huna, the Bray Family lineage, from Hawaiian elders.

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