Determining the Effectiveness of Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Professionals

The purpose of this study was to determine the perceived effectiveness and usefulness of Neuro-Linguistic Programming training. Prior to this study, research was conducted to determine the validity and/or provability of singular NLP techniques. This study was designed to determine the effectiveness, usefulness, and value of NLP as a whole. To achieve this purpose, questionnaires were sent to a sample population selected from Summer and Fall 1996 graduates of the NLP training institute - Advanced Neuro Dynamics.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Its potential for learning and teaching in formal education

In this paper we outline the nature of Neuro-linguistic Programming and explore its potential for learning and teaching. The paper draws on current research by Mathison (2003) to illustrate the role of language and internal imagery in teacher-learner interactions, and the way language influences beliefs about learning.

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