Hi Dr Matt James,

I just wanted to touch base and thank you again for a wonderful 4 days, you are awesome. Huna & NLP rock. I came with an open mind and received so much more than I ever expected.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me transform my life and even as I type this, I am over whelmed with emotion & gratitude, the Ho’ oponopono process for forgiveness and the release you did on my phobia is a gift I can never repay and I know words are not enough.

I have lived with the fear of being in the dark alone for 41 years and never told a sole, nobody knew, not even my best friend or my ex-partners. The night before I went to bed I was trying to understand the grief and my reaction from giving up chocolate and I asked my unconsious mind and conscious mind to please assist me by letting me understand what it was that was connected to the chocolate and anything else they felt I was ready to deal with, yes what is the saying ‘be careful for what you wish for’. I wasn’t going to put my hand up yesterday but it just popped up and I was like what are you doing, even as I remember coming up on stage I was thinking I was crazy, and was there someone else there that needed this process more then I did. I am honoured and humbly grateful you chose me and I was strong enough to do it.

I came home that night and parked my car in the garage and walked in the dark to unpack my car, normally I leave the lights on and then go back and turn them off. I came into my apartment and I danced in every room in the dark and I even opened my wardrobe in the dark. I never checked and rechecked my front door was locked and I slept with my bedroom door open for the first time. I didn’t barricade myself in or put anything in front of my front door incase anyone broke in. I felt completely safe for the first time in 41 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I hope you and Soomi enjoy the rest of your time in Australia and have a safe trip home back to your family. I look forward to seeing you again in April and in the meantime I will work on the rest of my baggage, I don’t want you to to think I am a total Aussie basket case.

A Hui Hou