We are making NLP available to everyone through the most amazing opportunity we have ever made available.

I’m Dr. Matt James and if you’re serious about success and creating a life of prosperity and achievement for yourself, gaining practitioner certification in NLP is essential. It’s the foundation for everything else and equips you with the key strategies and techniques to put the power of NLP to work for you.

This is not just an intro to NLP weekend as many other companies offer, but a full NLP Practitioner Certification Training. NLP Practitioner Certification trainings are usually offered at more than $3,000. We made this full NLP Practitioner Certification Training available for only $97 (Total value of up to $5,795).

Why NLP?

Find and Achieve Your Purpose! One of the benefits of learning NLP is to accelerate your personal and professional growth and success.

NLP is a proven system that guides you to find and achieve your purpose. In this NLP Scholarship Training, you will learn:

• How to understand your purpose in any area of your life
• Five principles for success
• Keys to an achievable outcome
• How to establish SMART goals
• The knowledge and skills that are required to achieve your purpose!

If you want to have more choices about your behavior and emotion, to improve your relationships and the way you communicate, and create better results through becoming a greater thinker, then NLP can provide you with a step-by-step framework for achieving all this and more. Not just in the short term, but lasting transformation, which will stay with you for your entire life.

The thousands that have learned the secrets of NLP have been so successful because they have applied NLP to their daily lives. NLP is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming. And it’s the same technology Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Anthony Robbins and Bill Gates (and hundreds of thousands of others) use to achieve consistent results most of us can only dream of.

In a nutshell, NLP is the study of excellence and how to produce the specific results you desire in your life on a consistent basis.

Why do you need to take this training?

NLP is the comprehensive training that covers everything you need to know to succeed (and help others succeed) in any area of life including business, relationships, career and any other area of life.

• If you are a salesperson: You will learn how to communicate effectively with your clients.

• If you are a parent: You will learn how to help your children grow and learn faster while enjoying the process.

• If you are a therapist, coach or educator: You will learn how to help your clients make massive shifts in their life in just a few sessions.

• If you are a business owner or manager: You will be able to overcome the hurdles which prevent you from taking your business to the next level, and transform your team into a motivated group.

• If you are an employee: You will learn how to stay motivated, gain control over your mind in a difficult situation, and communicate with your coworkers.

What you will gain…

The NLP Scholarship Training contains everything you would expect in an NLP Practitioner Training, which thousands of people have paid over $3,000 for. The training will cover the following comprehensive subjects on NLP:

Creating Rapport:
• Indicators of Rapport
• Pacing, Matching, and Mirroring
• Leading

Master Language & Communication:
• Always get agreement. Get the information you want, when you want it.
• Elegantly disagree with others, without offending them.
• Uncover hidden agendas
• Get your point across without resistance
• Get your listener curious and interested
• Use metaphors and stories with a purpose
• The Hierarchy of Ideas: Chunking
• The Milton Model: Ambiguity and the Power of Utilization
• The Meta Model: Specificity

Enhancing Your Sensory Acuity:
• Increasing Your Sensory Awareness
• Secrets of Learning Easily

Gain Control of Your Internal Representations:
• Leverage Using Universal and Drivers
• Changing Beliefs, Overlap
• Swish Patterns

Learn How to Use Internal Representational Systems:
• Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Noticing
• Eye Accessing and Eye Patterns

Discover Strategies of Human Behavior:
• Improving Learning Skills
• Buying and Motivation Strategies
• How People Decide, The Convincer Strategy
• Love Strategies & Relationships

• Chaining Anchors
• Eliminating Procrastination
• Designing Anchor Chains
• Building Your Own Personal Anchors
• Utilizing Anchors

• Context/Meaning Reframe
• The Visual Squash (with demo)
• Parts of the Unconscious Mind
• Integrating Parts, An NLP Model of Therapy
• Resolving Phobic Behavior
• NLP Negotiation Model

Here’s what you’ll receive…
(Total Value $5,795)

1. Accelerated NLP Practitioner Training ($3,995 value)

Q_trainingYou will receive NLP Certification Live Training, which thousands of people have paid over $3,000 for. The training contains everything you would expect in a full NLP Certification program. The only difference is the cost.




2. NLP Training Course Material ($895 value)

Q_manualTry and get this NLP Training Course Material from anywhere else, and you’ll be shelling out at least $895.00. The Course Material is same as the one that we used for the NLP Practioner Training.





3. $300 credit for your future TEP training (Early Bird Special – Call us!)

Q_Gift_CertificateAs an added bonus, be one of the first 50 people to register for the training, and you’ll receive a $300 credit* towards a future Empowerment Partnership major training of 5 days or more. This credit will be valid through the conclusion of the registered 4 day Practitioner Training and is not redeemable for cash.

*To qualify for the Early Bird Bonus, you must enroll by one month ahead of each training.



4. 30-day Action Plan ($175 value)

30dayThis 30-Day Action Plan is a self study kit composed of 98 pages of study guide. You’re going to integrate NLP into your life far faster, easier and at a more unconscious level than you would otherwise. This really demonstrates your commitment to the field, and to your own life.

*To be provided approximately 5 days post conclusion of the training to students who complete the entire 4 day Practitioner Training



5. 45 MP3 Audios ($375 value)

mp3These 45 high-quality MP3’s will allow you to continually reinforce the ideas you learn in your training well after you have attended the class. Play these in your car while driving to work or at home right before bed and you will constantly incorporate the ideas presented in the training into your every day life. These 45 audio clips cover every topic in your NLP training, from Anchoring and Eye Patterns all the way through to The Milton Model and Sensory Acuity.

*To be provided approximately 5 days post conclusion of the training to students who complete the entire 4 day Practitioner Training

The complementary MP3 audios you will receive include:
• Anchoring
• Chaining Anchors
• Collapse Anchors
• Eye Patterns
• Linguistic Presuppositions
• Mapping Across
• Metaphor
• NLP Presuppositions
• Parts Integration
• Rapport
• Reframing
• Representational Systems and Predicates
• Sensory Acuity
• Strategies
• Submodalities
• Submodalities Belief Change
• Swish Pattern
• The Hierarchy of Ideas
• The Meta Model
• The Milton Model



6. NLP Techniques Demo DVD ($30 value)

30dayThe NLP Techniques Demo DVD contains live NLP demonstrations that will provide you with a tangible experience of 14 NLP techniques. As an NLP practitioner, this is a great resource to understand the NLP techniques and practice using these techniques, making them yours.

*To be provided upon the conclusion of the training to students who complete the entire 4 day Practitioner Training



7. Journey on the Timeline CD ($25 value)

30dayYou will discover your life’s true meaning and will take a journey on your Time Line with this CD. Your Time Line is how you arrange your memories or how you experience the notion of time, inside your mind. Before you begin, you should have a sense of in what direction your past is and what direction your future is. You will be able to tap into and influence the part of your mind which lies outside of your awareness, probably something you have never done before. Relax, enjoy, and trust your intuition.

*To be provided upon the conclusion of the training to students who complete the entire 4 day Practitioner Training

Why should you take this training with us?

We’ve been conducting NLP trainings since 1982. According to Dunn and Bradstreet figures since 1992, we’re one of the largest NLP training organizations in the world. While the fame of a trainer or organization doesn’t ensure quality, it can be an important indicator of the value provided. After all, it is a following of people that creates popularity. Year after year, we receive a very high number of referrals and repeat customers. We consistently receive the highest ratings on our evaluations. We have achieved this by presenting excellent trainings and producing effective trainers – after all, that’s what we’re all about.

Here’s what some of our students have to say…

Absolute Blessing
“It’s been an absolute blessing. And 97 dollars… it’s just an amazing gift. I am moved, touched, and inspired by the whole experience.” – Leigh Gudeman

Amazing Training
“All I can say is the teachers, Matt and Nicholas, are absolutely heart-centered, brilliant, and incredible. This has been one of the most amazing trainings of my life.” – Jeanne Brei

“This training was absolutely spectacular. There’s absolutely no way that I can explain the value that I received over and above what I paid.” – Eric Genesoto

Changing Our Relationship
“I’m here with my husband. We are both taking it again… it’s changing our relationship… it’s been really empowering for us in our relationship for 
me and my private practice. I can’t say enough about the quality of Matt and Nicholas.” – Christiana Brittain

”It’s been a fabulous experience… NLP. Recommended. Thank you so much Matt and Nicholas.”
- Julie Moore

Good Training
“I recommended it for anybody else if you like to attend. The cost on the scholarship program was fabulous, lots of good training, and it was very worthwhile.” – Dr. Michael Nichols

“I must tell you. After being in the field for 20 year… all the details of how NLP works have been priceless. I recommend everybody step in and partner up with The Empowerment Partnership and go ahead.” – Shira Bush

Our Guarantee To You

Satisfaction Guarantee


Consider the value you will gain from our NLP Practitioner Training for an amazing scholarship price of $97 (Total value of up to $5,795).


Best of success,
Dr. Matt James,
President, Master Trainer of NLP