Dear Dr. Matt –

It’s been a month now since I took the Accelerated Practitioner Certification course in Newport Beach. I’ve been wanting to connect with you to tell you how grateful I am for the opportunity to experience you and your work. I’m also grateful for Nicolas and his very powerful message on the 3rd day when he showed his incredible passion for NLP. It was definitely contagious!

Both of you have helped me begin to break through a year of deep, limiting beliefs, which is quite unusual for me. I had a pretty dramatic (and negative) professional experience in late 2012 that has been difficult to recover from — and it feels like I’m finally coming out of it — mostly because of the energy that I experienced from both of you. I felt like I was put back on the path on which I belong — one that truly believes that I can create the future I want. Thank you for this. I’m clear that I need quite a bit more to deepen that belief and to stay on this path. I look forward to continuing the journey.

Matt, thank you again for the amazing person that you are and the generosity of all you share. I hope to have the opportunity to reconnect with you again in the future.

Y. Flores